After studying art therapy, Stefanie Menzel has worked as a therapist, author, instructor and lecturer. Her unique ability to perceive human energy fields is an important aspect of her work. After immersing herself in anthroposophy, energetic approaches and systemic constellations, she developed her life philosophy called Heilenergetik, which aims at helping people to lead their lives in a more conscious and powerful fashion.

Stefanie Menzel has been offering therapy for 15 years, helping people to analyse their physical and psychological strains, free themselves from paralysing thoughts and behaviour and steer their lives in a happy and healthy direction.


Fighting with our partner, suffering back pain, having difficulties at work: it is often past experiences that underlie the problems in our everyday lives and that leave traces which can be hard to read. Patterns of thought and behaviour caused by familial or social influence and which we are unaware of can shape our lives significantly. If we are willing to delve into our problems, we may understand and solve them for good.

The life philosophy of Heilenergetik rests on the triad “recognise – change – live” and offers various techniques for unravelling a person’s biography and thus a chance for them to consciously steer their lives in a happy and healthy direction. Dealing with Heilenergetik and applying its exercises enables people to accept their perception and their emotions, recognise and release blocks, drop emotional ballast und shape their lives with joy.


Why do my partner and I always fight about money? Why do my joints always hurt? Why is my desire to have children still unfulfilled?
Sense-analytical family constellations are a proven and effective method to shed light on and work through straining issues (an illness, stressful relationships, a stagnating career, money trouble etc.), and to permanently sort through an otherwise confusing array of emotions.

Constellations are a means of comprehending relationships with other people and the emotions linked with those relationships. The ancient Greeks already knew that emotional conflicts could be made experienceable and thus be worked through. From the 20th century onwards, various approaches and schools were established, differing in their process as well as their conception of man.

Sense-analytical constellations are based on Heilenergetik’s conception of man and aim at supporting people in understanding situations and in solving problems. During the constellation, a specific topic is tackled, for example some physical or psychological issue. Stressful events and situations concerning oneself and other people are looked at in all their complexity and are then released. Sense-analytical family constellations offer a chance to not only identify the pain but to say farewell to it, to put it in its proper place or to reconcile oneself with it.


The life philosophy of Heilenergetik is based on the mirror principle, which assumes that our environment and other people mirror ourselves: the world as we experience it is shaped by our individual perspective. We only perceive a fraction of what surrounds us, and what we perceive is closely linked to our person. We recognise ourselves in others.

From this perspective, we can accept painful events, relationships and health issues not just as problems but as messengers, alerting us to our unexploited potential. If we are open to look at what the difficult behaviour of others might have to do with our own dark side instead of judging them, we can mature and grow.


Human beings are more than a large number of cells. In addition to the material body, our being consists of an immaterial part we like to call soul and mind. While being aware of our body at all times, for example by being hungry or cold, we tend to forget about the emotional level of soul and mind. The complex energetic interplay of body, soul and mind, however, influences to a great extent the way we experience and live our lives.

Our so-called life energy vibrates and surrounds our body in various orbits and different kinds of speed. It permeates our body and creates a dynamic energetic field. In our energy field, all our experiences and encounters are stored. It is equivalent to our human consciousness. Our energy field influences who we are and how we perceive others. To be able to shape our lives according to our desires, it is therefore worthwhile to understand how our individual energetic field can be influenced positively.

Intensively working on consciousness, for example by means of sense-analytical family constellations and meditations, Heilenergetik offers an insight to the energetic interconnections of human existence, it provides access to our life topics and supports in releasing dark moments that have been stored in the energetic field. Thus people can succeed in continuously shaping their lives with joy, ease and authenticity.